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WRAP case packer – AROUND. Ideal for boxes, packs, cans, bottles . Speed up to 50 cases/ minute etc…

High speed WRAP – AROUND case packer: up to 50 cases / minute. The products arriving on a line are taken over by the machine’s infeed conveyor which leads them to the batch creation group. The products are grouped / stacked according to the grouping to be done.

At the same time, the carton blanks are taken one by one from a magazine, formed into a “U” shape and inserted between the cleats of a step-by-step or continuous feed chain. The cut arrives in front of the loading area. The transfer unit ensures the translation of the batch of products on the cutting machine. The cardboard plus products are directed to the flap closing area by gluing.

The Wrap case packer is also available in a continuous version for jars, cases, cans, bottles, packets, etc…

The Wrap case packer is the best alternative to plastic film for batch production.

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